Monday, June 04, 2007

Sony DH1758 Revisited

Recently, I posted information and test photos for the Sony DH1758 teleconverter that I bought for my Kodak P850 camera. I have had an opportunity to put it into action (although it took several tries) and I am here to show off my results.

In recent weeks my wife and I would be awakened, either in the early morning or from a weekend afternoon nap, by a loud tapping on the wall above our bed. I identified the exact location by moving around the room and then went outside to look for the source. The section of wall in question can only be seen from our neighbor's front yard -- the shape of the eaves hides it from the front of the house and the garage roof hides it from below. By the time I had figured this out whatever was causing the tapping was gone. I could see that the noise was coming from near one of our carpenter bee colonies and I resolved to be ready the next time... and I almost was ready -- almost. By the time I woke up, grabbed my pants, camera and teleconverter lens and dashed out to the neighbor's lawn I was just in time to see a dark-colored bird fly off. I missed it... Several times, actually. But, finally this past Saturday, victory!


This image has been cropped and sharpened and is not much of a photograph but it's not bad for a hand-held telephoto shot of a small bird on a second-story roof taken from next door. (Click for a larger size image.)

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