Tuesday, June 05, 2007



This past Saturday I attended a Pirate-themed party thrown by my friends Steve and Gretchen. My costume came from three sources. Most of it was borrowed from a friend in Atlanta who produced a play featuring pirates and had costume pieces I could borrow (Thanks, Caran, everything fit!) The Teleospouse bought the hat at Disney World and embellished it with some of her costume jewelry. And I actually made the spats that hide the laces of my black Hush Puppies (tm) which I fancy makes them look a bit more piratical.


When S&G throw a party they do it up brown! In the panorama below notice the two "cannons" designed to disguise the potato guns (in foreground with can of hairspray, bag of potatoes and ramrod); the pirate flag flying over the airplane hanger; the dock area and an actual pirate ship. Each of those potato guns would shoot a spud 300 yards, easy.


There was a treasure hunt (with children's and adult divisions) and a prize given for the best male and female pirate costume. Thanks to the kindness of those who loaned me costume bits I made it into the second round in the costume contest but I didn't win. There were a number of rather good costumes.

He didn't win, either.

Nor did the Teleospouse's costume win in the female division...


... despite her attempt to intimidate the judges ...


But, despite not winning anything we had a swell time. It was a heckuva good party...


... for pirates of all ages ...


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Anonymous said...

Both of you look great! and the party looks like it was swell. Congratulations on getting so far in the costume competition-- your hat certainly was a proper topper :)