Thursday, November 01, 2012

Separated at Birth? A confession:

I won a prize at a friend's Halloween party for my costume. Here it is:

My Prize Winning Costume
There seemed to be some confusion about who I was supposed to represent. Here are the two candidates:
The "A. Gentleman from "Hush" B. Young Farankestein's Monster

My wife and I think "B" but everybody at the party immediately recognized me as "A". I was a big hit. I won the big prize. I first became aware of a problem when someone, our hostess perhaps, took one look at me and said "I love your costume. That was my favorite Buffy episode!" I just stood speechless trying to figure out what she was talking about. That interaction was repeated with everybody I ran into at the party.

They all seemed delighted with my costume, and with the fact that not only did I look like one of "the gentlemen" from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, "Hush", but I had the same spooky mute stare. I was mute because I was trying to decide if I should play the wet blanket and straighten it all out, or just go with the flow. In the end, more or less by default, I decided not to correct the universal misidentification.

I had to hit Wikipedia when I got home to remember "Hush". I had seen it when it first ran and it was a good episode (nominated for an Emmy) but I had forgotten it.

Apparently the cadaverous gentleman from Buffy and I were separated at birth and it only takes a dab of grey-green makeup for everybody to see the resemblance. [Note to self: consider backing off on the diet a bit. I may be thin enough.]

This was all quite unfair to the Teleospouse whose costume was better than mine and who had done my make up (which was most of my costume).

So, I am posting my confession here, on my blog which nobody reads. That way I can be on record as having confessed that my brilliance was accidental without raining on anybodies fun.

bride by bigleehimself
bride, a photo by bigleehimself on Flickr.