Wednesday, April 06, 2005

G K Chesterton

I went looking for a Chesterton quote for something -- I don't remember exactly what -- and I found a quote for everything. It's an excerpt from his epic poem The Ballad of the White Horse.

"By this sign you shall know them,
The breaking of the sword,
And man no more a free knight,
That loves or hates his lord.

"Yea, this shall be the sign of them,
The sign of the dying fire;
And Man made like a half-wit,
That knows not of his sire.

"What though they come with scroll and pen,
And grave as a shaven clerk,
By this sign you shall know them,
That they ruin and make dark;

"By all men bond to Nothing,
Being slaves without a lord,
By one blind idiot world obeyed,
Too blind to be abhorred;

"By terror and the cruel tales
Of curse in bone and kin,
By weird and weakness winning,
Accursed from the beginning,
By detail of the sinning,
And denial of the sin;

"By thought a crawling ruin,
By life a leaping mire,
By a broken heart in the breast of the world,
And the end of the world's desire;

"By God and man dishonoured,
By death and life made vain,
Know ye the old barbarian,
The barbarian come again--

Damn! that guy could write.

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Das said...

Lee thanks much for the nice plug on your blog; I appreciate it. I remember you from some of the posts on Democrats for Bush last year - I'll get your link up soon. Viva Chesterton!