Friday, November 17, 2006

A Toast


Unless you act quickly you will probably miss your opportunity to purchase the wine pictured above from since they are having a "woot off" and things sell out fast. By the time I post this the wine may be gone.

I occasionally post quotes in my blog from Woot's ad copy which has a quirky sense of humor that I love. I was struck by their description of the white:
The 2005 Summertime White captures the fading luminescence of the season with a blend of old-vine French Colomard and Viognier. Sweet, sexy notes of nectarine and peach are spritzed with a metaphorical squeeze of lime to create the perfect counterpoint to spicy south-of-the-border cuisine. As the label illustration indicates, Jepson 2005 Summertime White is best consumed in a deck chair, under an umbrella, amid the orange hills of Mars.

I like to think of that deck chair among the orange hills of Mars as being occupied by science fiction writer Jack Williamson, who died this week at the untimely age of 98. Perhaps he is accompanied by The Girl From Mars and by Robert Heinlein, author of The Green Hills of Earth.


Anonymous said...

Love those Woot-offs! If you haven't seen this site yet, check it out. They do daily deals as well and offer some very cool products like games, etc. If you love puzzles, check out their daily fun. Keep up the great blog!

Das said...

Carolina wine seems so far from the Pacific Northwest. When are you coming out to these parts again? I hope to get out to your neck of the woods someday...

BigLeeH said...

Hello Das, Thanks for dropping by.

In answer to your question: Mid-summer 2007. We are planning an Alaska cruise (our second) for our 30th anniversary. This time we'll be taking our (grown up) children and my dad along. The target date is the week of the Summer solstice but that may flex a bit depending on whether our daughter is accepted in medical school and on her class schedule. We sailed from Seattle last time and expect to do so again.

Let me know if you ever get a chance to visit the Carolinas. I'd be glad to show you around a bit. I can also hook you up with some friends in Atlanta, Georgia.