Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Halloween Costume Explained.

Originally uploaded by cspowers.
Have you ever seen someone walking down the hallway carrying a heavy bulky object and when you stepped into a doorway, to let them pass, you found that you have stepped into the doorway that they need to go through?

While you are studying the canned tomatoes in the supermarket does your wife ever point out that twelve other shoppers have queued up behind you waiting to get by?

Well it happens to me. All. The. Time. I have something of a genius for being in the way. I am big. I am absent minded. I tend to be hard to get around.

When my friend cspowers invited me to a Halloween party with the theme of "your inner super-hero" there was simply no quesion of who I should be.

O B S T R U C T O -- The Human Roadblock.

On the back of the flags on my hat it says "WIDE" and "LOAD".

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