Friday, February 10, 2006

Huge, Lily-Scented Worm Found as Reuters Burys Lede

Discovery News has reported the finding of a rare earthworm.
Feb. 10, 2006 — A gigantic white worm that smells like lilies was recently unearthed in the state of Washington.

The invertebrate, called the giant Palouse earthworm because it can grow to around three feet long, had not been seen in nearly two decades and is believed to be extremely rare, according to a University of Idaho press release.
Slightly later the Reuters News Service reported the release of the election reports in Iraq in a story entitled Car bomb kills nine as poll results released.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A car bomb outside a mosque in Baghdad killed nine people on Friday as poll results confirmed the new political dominance of
Iraq's long-oppressed Shi'ites.

Interior Ministry sources and police said initially that the mosque in the violent Doura district of Baghdad was Shi'ite. They later said the bomb exploded outside a Sunni mosque nearby.

There have been numerous killings [... ]

As electoral commission official Adel al-Lami read out the results at a media briefing in the heavily fortified Green Zone, 10 km (six miles) to the south the car bomb exploded, hurling worshippers to the ground.
The scientist who found the giant earthworm has not yet commented on the Reuters story but she was quoted as saying that she noticed the worm immediately because "it's very white and the anterior part is pink near the mouth. She reported that she did not notice the pleasant, lily-like odor said to be associated with her rare earthworm, an odor also coincidentally missing from the Reuters story.

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