Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That Cute Place to Eat I Can Never Find.

Ten years ago last month I mentioned a cute little place to stop and eat, somewhere along I-95 between Washington D.C. and Raliegh. (See Science Club Reunion.) It was just far enough out of D.C. for one to get hungry and it made a nice stop. It's a bit like Brigadoon. Sometimes when I make the return trip to Raleigh after a visit to the Nation's Capitol, there is is when I get peckish. Other rimes I stop at every exit looking for it and it's never there...

I have since figured out where it is and, since I know you are all worrying about it, I thought I would mention that the little town is Occoquan , Virginia and the place we ate is probably Madigan's Waterfront Seafood Restaurant.

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