Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo from Haunted Camera

20110924_38-cropped by bigleehimself
20110924_38-cropped, a photo by bigleehimself on Flickr.

My wife's pocket camera has a tiny sensor and a tiny lens. It struggles to collect enough light to capture images in indoor settings. It is also haunted by a tiny robotic ghost of Science Fiction Artist Kelly Freas who tries to help out.

Kodak, who made her M1093-IS camera, calls the robot, "noise suppression" software, but this image (cropped from an un-manipulated image straight from the camera) shows Kelly's inimitable touch. Kelly loved faces, science fiction subjects and shiny objects. Notice how every single pixel in the face, hat and hair, and in the shiny device she is holding, have been painted over by the robot in this image. Please (please, please) view this image as large as possible so you can admire his brushwork.

If you keep clicking on it you will eventually arrive at the Flickr Light Table which is pretty good.

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McPhersonDO said...

How truly peculiar... This feature is optional, I expect?