Saturday, November 06, 2010

Episode 72 In which I waste YOUR time for a change.

Ok, so I sat down at my computer to do something else -- something important and necessary, as I vaguely recall -- and I wound up wasting half an hour catching up on the weekly podcasts. This half-hour represents time I don't have to waste and I am sure that all of you are out beavering away at whatever it is that focused, goal-oriented people do on a cold and drizzly Saturday morning in November. So I hit on the brilliant plan that I would create a post here with several Woot! videos embedded -- in the hope that you will all waste your time watching them and, if enough of you do so, it will slow down the progress of the world at large and give me a few minutes to catch up...

I'll start with the Halloween podcast since I, sort-of, missed Halloween this year. My son got married the day before. The wedding was out of town and I didn't get back until Halloween was over. Hmmm... The wedding... There is something I was supposed to... Oh yes, I promised to post wedding photos. I'll get to that. But first...

Feel free to watch that again. It takes time to embed these things and write these brief comments and, if I am going to waste more of your time than of mine you are going to have to work with me on this. Here's the latest podcast. It sucks in just about every way possible. But, because it sucks in just the right ways it is very funny and oddly endearing.

So, I've included a live-action bit and some lousy animation. All that remains is puppets to complete the set.

Grrr. I just remembered that I had to resize the embed windows to make them fit in my blog's template. That took several minutes. Please watch you favorite video again a couple of times so I can catch up that time too. Or better yet, follow some of these links:

Real Actual Field Tests #7: BuckeyBalls

Woot Podcast Mail Bag

Katy Perry's "California Gurls" -- Ben the Over-Literal Dermestid Beetle

When you have watched all of those several times check back. Maybe I'll have some wedding pictures up...

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