Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Das Uber Maus


Consider this mouse.


It is active, ...


... athletic ...


... and elusive.

Clearly it is a superior mouse... a better mouse.

And I have trapped it.

So, by definition, ...

better mousetrap

... I have built a better mouse trap.

Those of you who doubted my ability to catch the mice in my garage using a dodgy homemade trap cobbled together from hardware cloth, wire and half a Walmart minnow trap -- you know who you are -- are singing another song now*.

*Probably Michael Jackson's Billy Jean which is playing constantly on all media outlets just now and sticks in your head like superglue.


kingless said...

But no better mouse would've been caught by such a cheesey trap. :)

Calvin Powers said...

I never doubted you!

Dex Quire said...

Chhers Lee; I'm glad we got to meet with you guys too; looks like you all had a great trip...glad everyone is doing OK...hand in there on the job will happen -