Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Transporting Dogs in a Convertible

Need to take your dogs to the kennel in your convertible on a day too pretty to put the top up? No problem. Just pop their leashes through the seatbelt positioner on the passenger side, loop it around once and you are good to go.

Dogs in a convertible.

Make sure the leash is short enough to keep them on the passenger side of the car but long enough so they don't dangle by their collars. If your kennel is more than half a mile away you might want to roll up the passenger-side window to help keep them from jumping out of the car.

Our dogs Cello and Jaxon on their way to the kennel while the Teleospouse and I attend our son's college graduation. Cello is the gray dog on the left.

Going to the Kennel

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