Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Photos from Todd's funeral.

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The disconcerting thing about funerals is how enjoyable they can be. It is pleasant to get a chance to catch up with family members you don't get to see as often as you would like, but you feel guilty about it. You might see a favorite aunt and say "It is so good to see you... but I wish it was for a better occasion." For the extended family it is a reunion with one chair sadly empty and for the immediate family it keeps them busy -- with planning, notifications, arrangements, giving directions, meeting people at airports, making sure everyone is fed and housed, and with all the business of hosting such a large event, until the pain had ebbed just enough to get on with their lives.

This past weekend I attended a family funeral in the small town of Nitro, West Virginia, with the burial in nearby Huntington. I took along my camera to snap a few shots of relatives and this posting is mostly intended to provide the extended family with this link (click here) to the photos that I took.

This is probably the best photo of the lot. It shows three generations of the family of the deceased.

While the adults know, intellectually, that life will go on, it is always the kids that make the concept concrete.

As I was waiting near the end of the procession to park in the cemetery this old truck caught my eye. I went back the next morning to snap this shot of it.

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