Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teleoscope scoops Freakonomics Authors and New York Times

Today's New York Times Magazine has an article entitled The Jane Fonda Effect which is worth reading, and not just because it follows the same outline as The Teleoscope's February 7th posting, China Syndrome vs Global Warming.

Both pieces discuss the perfect storm of bad publicity for the US nuclear power industry caused by the near-simultaneous release of the Movie The China Syndrome and the accident at The Three Mile Island nuclear plant. Both pieces go on to point out that if yesterday's environmental activists (the anti-nuclear crowd) had been less successful then todays environmental activists (the global warming true believers) would have less to worry about since nuclear power generation does not release carbon into the atmosphere.

The Times' rewrite of my posting does differ in the closing. They spend a couple of paragraphs talking about the recent resurgence of the Nuclear industry while the Teleoscope does a bit of math, estimating the impact of anti-nuclear Jane and her movie at twenty trillion pounds of extra atmospheric CO2 since the movie was released.

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