Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crichton's State of Fear in Production


Update: This posting was an April Fools Joke that seems to have been a bit more subtle than I intended. My notion was that people would be intrigued and would follow the link at the bottom for more information. As far as I can tell, nobody has followed the link to the IMDB entry for the film "April Fools". To be clear, as far as I know there is no interest in making Crichton's excellent novel into a movie. Here is my follow-up posting about my failed attempt at humor.

Feature Film Forward Magazine is reporting that shooting has started on Michael Crichton's latest film thriller, State of Fear.
Sam Neil is playing the lead in the film version of Crichton's controversial novel which questions the science behind predictions of a Global Warming catastrophy. Neil is no stranger to the works of Michael Crichton, having appeared in Jurassic Park I and III. The new role of scientist John Kenner in State of Fear is markedly similar to Dr Alan Grant, who Neil played in the Jurassic Park features. Neil will be supported by William H Macy as Peter Evans and by Crichton himself, who is stepping out of his usual writer/producer role to actually appear as a character in one of his films. Crichton will be playing the role of philanthropist George Morton.
I must confess myself to be surprized that this film is actually getting made. Despite Crichton's unequalled track record of one hit movie after another I had thought that Crichton's heretical position on global warming would prevent him from finding backing for the project. But I guess Hollywood is more open to real controversy than I had thought. Go figure. And, oh yes... Read the whole thing.


Tim said...

Check out the CO2 variations chart. Global Warming happens every several 100K years according to this and the core samples analyzed by NASA.
Perhaps CO2 levels are a symptom and not a cause. That is, perhaps CO2 percolates from soil, ocean floor, ice traps as the planet warms. If the chart is accurate then probably the Global Warming Chicken Littles are knowingly crying wolf.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee. Don't you feel silly pretending to think that the don't-worry-about-global-warming lobby would have any trouble at all financing a propaganda movie or three? Or that there's anything "Hollywood" won't do for money? -- Mister P.

BigLeeH said...

Hello Tim, Mr P.,

Thanks for dropping by.

Tim, I've seen discussions of the CO2 record and I am somewhat persuaded that, while there are interrelations between CO2 levels and global temperature variations, the relations are not as simple as the theory that the one drives the other. Global temp tends to be higher when CO2 levels are higher but, historically, the temperature rise tends to start first which makes it unlikely that CO2 has been the primary driver.

But my intention here was not to discuss global warming but to make some observations about the film industry. Which brings me to Mr. P's question about whether I feel silly pretending things. I do, actually -- sometimes -- but not for the reasons you suggest, Paul -- quite the opposite, in fact. But, observing a time-honored tradition, I allow myself just a bit of silliness this time of year -- to celebrate hemispheric warming.


Gil L. said...

Hey Big Lee,

This is your old buddy Gil L., chiming in. First time caller, long time listener. I almost wonder if there's some sort of closet backlash going on in Hollywood. Case in point: check out "300" when it rolls into the cheapie theaters in about 8 weeks or so. It's not such a big jump for people to conclude it was a thinly-veiled propaganda piece in support of the War on Terror.

[Don't get me started on Gore and his conclusions. I am not going to deny that Global Warming isn't happening, but he's got a credibility problem with me dating back to the ozone hole days (long story there).]

Philip said...

I am very glad to hear that film is being made. The book is splendid. I think it was written before the detailed analyses of the Greenland & Vostok ice cores has been published which showed conclusively that CO2 rises follow warming and therefore cannot cause warming. The MMGW fox has been well and truly shot - a point they themselves grudgingly had to acknowledge after the TV film 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' blew the gaff on them.