Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When Life Gives You Grapes...

grapes > > > > > vinegar

...Make Vinegar!!

Considering College a report on access to education featured on WUNC, our local NPR station, tells us that
More Americans are going to college than ever before. But a closer look at the numbers reveals some troubling realities. Low-income students are even less likely to go to college today than high income students were 30 years ago.
Shocking, isn't it? Sure, more people are going to college in absolute terms. And yes, this includes more low-income students (who are half-again as likely to get a BS than their parents were) but today's low-income students are "even less" likely to get that BS than the rich kids were a generation ago. Seems an odd statistic, doesn't it? Comparing one group today with another thirty years ago? And, for that matter, why is it "even less?" Usually the term "even less" is used when something stands out in a world where things are bad or getting worse. But everything in this picture is rosy. Is it just me or are they grasping for any bad news they can find here?

News flash: I have "even" less money in the bank than Bill Gates! *sob*

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