Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Left Behind Again

bracero1I have been left behind again and it is starting to piss me off. I showed up at the docks where the luxurious Right-Wing Conspiracy was boarding for its cruise through the Straights and Narrows of Immigration and I couldn't get on. I got as far as the sign by the gangplank -- "You Must be THIS Angry to Ride" -- and although I stretched and scowled, drawing on my full (and usually more than sufficient) reserves of peevishness, I just couldn't quite measure up. I tried remembering the Alamo but all I got was Peter Ustinov. I thought about the Mexican with the leaf blower who blows the grass clippings off of the sidewalk and onto the street, and the other Mexican who comes along behind him blowing it off of the street and back onto the sidewalk. Event then I couldn't quite reach the arrow on the sign.

So here I am on the dock watching all the people I usually agree with on almost everything waving farewell and drawing away. I wasn't really surprised to see Neal Boortz there on the rail. I agree with what he says 95 percent of the time but he does go on a tangent sometimes. But Thomas Sowell was a disappointment.

I am not altogether alone of course. There are a few others who didn't measure up. Dafydd ab Hugh is one, and Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan also seem to have missed the boat, so to speak. And, come to think of it the boat sailed with the Presidential suite unoccupied as well.

This is the second time in about a month this has happened. I just couldn't muster the requisite level of indignation to get on board with the Dubai Ports 'outrage' either. At the time I wrote about how unsettling it was to find myself on the same side of a divisive issue as Jimmy Carter. Now I find myself closer to Ted Kennedy than to Neal Boortz on another issue. It's almost enough to make one doubt one's sanity -- almost but not quite.

Like Oliver Wendall Douglas in Green Acres, Dafydd, the President and I find ourselves the only sane men in a world gone batty.

Update: I just bumped into Mat Towery here on the dock. He couldn't get on the boat either. Towery seems to be trying to get Boortz back on shore by pointing out that Boortz's Fair Tax plan would be an excellent way to finesse the issue of getting "guest workers" to pay their share of taxes.

Update: I noticed NRO's Mark Kirkorian on the ship, hurling abuse at someone standing on the dock. Looking to find his target I found that it was none other than George Will. It's starting to seem a bit less lonely here on the shore.

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