Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jihad, the Musical

osamasingsCLick on the image to the left to hear the latest release from Al Qaeda -- a sample song from their upcoming musical "It's in the Koran". The release of this MacroMedia Flash Sing-Along version of the title song was timed to occur just after the Palestinian elections.

Turn your sound on and up for this one. Caution: This is squeaky clean but lacks the degree of political correctness that many workplaces require.

HatTip: Jonah Goldberg in The Corner at National Review Online.

[I would provide a non-fictitious credit for the creator of this bit but he or she appears to prefer to remain anonymous (for reasons that are quite likely entirely sensible.)]

Update: I had to find another source for the flash video -- guess the people who run the other site are alergic to cordite.

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