Saturday, December 03, 2005


I heard a joke the other day. It was told to me by someone I know slightly as we were leaving a meeting of a technical-related organization. He seems to be a nice person and he warned me ahead of time that the joke was rather crude.

It goes something like this:
George Bush stole the election. He falsified evidence on weapons of mass destruction, lied to the American people and got us into a illegal, pointless and expensive war. Now if someone would only give him a blowjob we can have him impeached!

Haw!! Thats a good one, isn't it? ... Is it? ... Ok, me neither.

I tried to act like I enjoyed his joke but the best I could manage was a sort of non-committal Ummmmm. I don't think I fooled him since he called me later to apologize for the joke because he was afraid he had offended me. As I said, he is a nice guy and I enjoy working with him, so I assured him I wasn't offended, saying "I am sure I tell a number of jokes that are funny to Republicans that you wouldn't like that much either."

What is funny is that when he called to apologize I am sure he thought I was offended by the "blowjob" part. Finding out that I am a Bush supporter must have been quite a surprize for him.

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