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9/11 and the Bossa Nova

The Daily Kos has posted an article laying out a rather tenuous argument that Ronald Regan Caused 9/11. In response Little Green Footballs posted a link to it and considerable comment has been made there. Hundreds of comments have been posted and only a few of them are worth reading. It gets pretty silly in these threads after a while. As evidence I offer my latest comment (with which I am trying to stop).


No, BabbaZee has a point. The Bossa Nova is clearly implicated in 9/11.

Bassa Nova is Portugese for "New Wave". In France La Nouvelle Vague refers to a movement in the film industry in the 1950s and 1960s associated with the film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma and film-makers François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol and Jacques Rivette, among others.

The French New Wave drew heavily on the philosophy of Existentialism which resonated with the French people who were deeply conflicted about their roles in the Nazi occupation. Godard was the leading theorist of the group and his breathtakingly-odd film, Alfaville was a clear inspiration to Hollywood when they were looking for inspiration for the next generation of the Star Trek series.

The creators of Star Trek TNG clearly took three things from Alfaville: a science fictional setting, the name of the captain/director [Jean-Luc Godard/Picard], and the word "Vague" (from Nouvelle Vague although they seem to have taken the English usage sense of it).

Just as Existentialism was the philosophical basis for the French New Wave, a "Vague" Liberalism was the creed of Jean-Luc Picard's Enterprise. Sensing that a foil was needed to make so vapid and indistinct a philosophy visible, the writers at Paramont introduced the Klingon Empire. Unlike the endlessly tiresome Vulcans the Klingons never overcame their warlike natures, instead they had an uprising and killed all their barbers -- this led to an the endless sequence of bad-hair days which they used to become black-leather clad intergalactic biker-warriors with deplorable table manners.

Osama Bin Laden appears to have clearly felt a kinship with the more-authoritarian Klingon Empire and it infuriated him that they were unable to crush the Federation Infidels. It cannot have escaped him that the words "petrolium" (rock oil) and "dilithium" (two stone element) were similar in construction and that the country of his birth (Saudi Arabia) provided much of the dilithium used by the hated Federation.

An episode that featured Lt. Commander Worf trying to dance was the last straw. He called together the key players in al Qaeda (loosely modeled on Television Actors Equity) and told them about his insights gained from the Great Satan's SF TV show and how this episode had offended him. It's impossible to know exactly what was said in the conversation between Bin Laden and his planners but we can take a clue from the prophetic song of Eydie Gorme.

(Now was it the moon?)
No, no, the bossa nova
(Or the stars above?)
No, no, the bossa nova
(Now was it the tune? )
Yeah, yeah, the bossa nova
(The dance of Jihad)


I'm still trying to stop -- or at least to cut back. I was unable to resist commenting on a response by a user who calls himself "Gee Wiz"

WTF are you talking about? You make no sense to me. To compare the current world political climate to a TV series, makes me think your conclusions are foolish. Even if, a connection could be established(a big IF), how could you even begin to think that it applies to our current world political problem?

Gee Whiz, Gee Wiz,

I am amazed that, in one short paragraph, you manage both to perceive my point perfectly and to miss it altogether.

Based on his odd diction, his problems with commas and his blindness to irony, I have two theories about Mr. Wiz. Theory 1: English is not his first language and he comes from a part of the world where, like the Thorn Bird's Song, each individual only gets to perceive irony once in his life, for a few seconds just before the lights go out forever. Theory 2: Gee Wiz is 12.

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